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This page is now updated for the 2014 season thanks to its continuous success since 12/2010

The lumberjack style is becoming a fashion trend for the Fall/Winter season.

Plaids and tartan will be dressing city men impregnating a homey and country air in their clothing.

These are a few samples of how you can wear this trend if it fits your style. Click the images to enlarge and view the details.

Surely that instead of carrying an ax or saw chain you will be using a laptop, a tablet or a cell phone; but this style will anyway create on you the look of a hard working and vigorous man thanks to its plaids that reminds us of those tough country men that we all admire.

Enjoy this trend displaying it through your shirts and jackets while wearing your classic jeans or even casual pants; boots or lace up shoes.

Keep in mind that both pants and shoes must be in plain colors with no lines to create a balance in your outfit and leaving all the spotlights aiming to your upper garment.

Let's check those shirts now, starting with...

Men's Monument Short Sleeve Woven

This one is sold out, but here are the new designs from:

- Ecko Unlimited Men's Big-Tall Solid Short Sleeve Woven - $46.00
- Ecko unltd. Men's Agenda Long Sleeve Woven - $44.50
- Ecko Unltd. Mens Dean Ls Woven Plaid Button Up Shirt - $24.99

Men's Oxbow Flannel Shirt

Woolrich. $49.99 - $65.00

Robert Graham brown and royal check cotton 'Cane' button front shirt

This one is sold out, but consider these new options from:

- Robert Graham Men's Layette Short-Sleeve Shirt - $73.79
- Robert Graham Men's Sandstone Short Sleeve Woven Shirt - $178.00
- Robert Graham Men's Handstand Long Sleeve Woven Shirt. $71.41 - $168.00
- Robert Graham Men's Salvador Long Sleeve Woven Shirt - $192.53

Men's Running Bull Long Sleeve

From Quiksilver - $29.98

If the above design is sold out, then try these new concepts from:

- Quiksilver Men's Grande Tatunka Long Sleeve Shirt. $22.03 - $34.97
- Quiksilver Men's Farmer Lumberjack Long Sleeve Shirt. $18.63 - $54.50
- Quiksilver Men's Meet On Main Long Sleeve Shirt. $22.35 - $35.98
- Quiksilver Men's Bam Bam Long Sleeve Shirt. $17.93 - $49.50

Men's Long Sleeve Poplin Multi Plaid Shirt by Nautica

This shirt is sold out, but here are new choices from:

- Nautica Men's Long Sleeve Twill Plaid Shirt - $41.25
- Nautica Mens Cotton Long Sleeve Large Plaid Flannel Shirt- $55.00
- Nautica Men's Big-Tall Short Sleeve Poplin Plaid Woven Shirt - $48.75
- Nautica Men's Short Sleeve Vineyard Poplin Plaid Woven Shirt - $32.99


Click the images to enlarge, read other buyers' ratings and comments and when you are ready to buy, make your choice and we'll lead you to Amazon to close your purchase.

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