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To understand how to create style, men must know that it can only be achieved by carefully balancing 3 factors: personality, physical appearance and lastly, clothing.

It's not about looking like a celebrity, movie star or professional model, but it's about getting the ideal look being who you are.

Consider these points:

1. You must accept that you need to improve your appearance from head to toe.

2. You must spend time watching (at least once a week), images of current fashion.

3. You must renew the clothing in your closet in order to join the trend.

Now, let's see what things you can do to meet the goal, starting with:


- Copy and wear: Before 'creating' your own looks, we recommend you look at what fashion advisers have already prepared for everyone on the runways. Copy the concepts that best fit your style and then wear them, is that simple! In a few days you will start getting compliments from your friends.

- Outfit plan: You must live above the level of simply 'wearing whatever'. If choosing the right outfit on the spot is still too complicated, the plan ahead. A few good practices will be preparing your clothing set the night before going to work; a few days prior to a romantic date, etc.

- Old clothes: Don't fall in love with clothes... they are just fabric, threads, buttons and zippers! Get rid of your old pieces asap (ok, ok... everything except your worn out denim jeans right?)

- Size: Today's style trend for men is to wear clothing that fits your size; not bigger or smaller.

- Colors: Learn to mix and match colors among your clothes and accessories. Find here some examples on how to create great variations.

The above video is a summary of the images you have in this page. You can also watch it in YouTube.

Find below the images that illustrate what we just said about clothing. First, let's see a sample of what the fashion designers have to offer for this season:


Ermenegildo Zegna

Bottega Veneta




Style for men comes in various forms, brands and sources. Here are some outfit options from the 2012 collection, nevertheless you will notice that most of these pieces will still be seen in years to come.

G-star Male G-star Men Recolite Overshirt
$190 Sold Out.

Prps Men Sun Bleached Long Sleeve Shirt 
$185 Sold Out

Vans Men Old Skool Steamer Tee
$22 Sold Out

Ash Men Vincent Sneaker Shoes
$170 Sold Out

Men's Marled Waffle Knit Shawl Collar Cardigan Officer in Blue.
$128 Sold Out

Men's Plaid Extra Slim Fit Military Shirt in Jewel Blue.
$69.90 Sold Out

Men's Chino Photographer Pant in Steel Gray
$69.90 Sold Out

Men's Rugby Stripe Wool Blend Scarf in Pitch Black.
$49.90 Sold Out

Men's Rimmed Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses in Silver.
$29.90 Sold Out

Men's Oxford Dress Shoes in Pitch Black
$108 Sold Out

Men's (Minus The) Leather Distressed Bomber Jacket in Black. 
$198 Sold Out

Men's Colored Chino Pant in Maroon
$69.90 Sold Out

Stretch Cotton Deep V neck Tee in Gray 
$22.90 Sold Out

Reversible Casual Buckle Belt in Pitch Black
$39.90 Sold Out

Men's Double Zip Boots in Pitch Black
$158 Sold Out

Shane Blazer
$148 Sold Out

Chambray Two Pocket Classic Long Sleeve Shirt
$68 Sold Out

Matt Tie
$58 Sold Out

Nate Stainless Steel and Leather Watch – Black
$145 Sold Out

Boot Denim
$98 Sold Out

Dayton Boots
$188 Sold Out

All clothing in this outfit by Fossil

This look is a concept by Gant Rugger.

This look by Express


Find here a slideshow with books on this matter, as well as a few lines with some of our own concepts on...


Since this is not a blog about psychology, we will not go deep into this subject. Nevertheless, we do suggest you to find help in clearly defining it as this factor adds up in your overall style; and maybe go even a little further, find your purpose in life and make sure your values are well substantiated.

Believe us, people highly appreciate meeting a man with a clear personality.

- Weight: Make your best effort to meet your ideal weight; your image will be optimum and you will enjoy health.
- Posture: Is little help for your image to just dress well but to hunch over while standing up or walking. Put your mind in correcting your posture and you will immediately see positive reactions of people around you. Find books on 'Posture' in the above slideshow!
- Hair: Visit a hair stylist and ask her/his expert advice on what hair cut will be better fit your face shape and color skin.
- Hygiene: It sounds too basic to say it, but it is necessary to emphasize it. Take a bath, always brush your teeth after meals and keep your nails clipped and clean.
Thanks for reading the whole page! We are sure these tips will help you in creating style. Men are discovering the power of a good image and we hope you will master it too, step by step.


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