This trend has been doing its best effort to enter our closet repertoire for decades, but it seems that us - the people - are not quite ready to accept the full futuristic trend yet.

I can remember those movies that showed the year 2000 with all of us driving flying cars and wearing space suits :)

Fashion has tryed to get us into that age and designers keep insisting on them... but fortunately those metallic jumpsuits didn't make it to the stores!

This season, master designers have come up with an interesting approach, that I personally like a lot and my friends in New York, California and wherever fashion is will probably agree with me.

Take a look...

It comes in the form of metallic jackets, skirts, individual clothing and accessories.

Check these images. Christian Blanken propose a dress in metallic copper.

The image in the middle is a silver metallic jacket by Alexander Wang along with a black bermuda short and a hat with glitter. Now, those boots are part of the futuristic vision too.

Jonathan Saunders' skirt has such a strong metallic make that it looks like you can reflect your face in there.

No doubt the metallic fashion trend 2013 is for extreme bold fashionistas; so if you are one, make sure you enjoy it this season!

Visit our 'Metallic Fashion Trend Store'. In there you will find options like these...

Hailey by Adrianna Papell Women's Dresses Women's Metallic Pleated Dress.

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Womens Draped Metallic Mini from A|X Armani Exchange.

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Marc Jacobs Metallic Leather Pouch Gold Bag.

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Jenny Metallic Silver Anthracite Bootie Heel for Women by Calvin Klein.

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Here's an introductory video we prepared for this page. So... what do you think of the Metaillic Fashion Trend 2013? Will you wear it this season?

Please leave your comments below and don't forget to visit the Metallic Store powered by Amazon.

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