There are many dress trends in magazines and blogs everywhere, but here I'll show you the most notorious styles as seen on the fashion runways.

Will you my fashionista friends in New York and California agree with me?

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They are sure to hit our local stores with a higher impact than other options out there.

Let's start with these Summer Dresses 2013...

1960's Style

- This style's characteristics includes baby collar, A Line skirts and thin waist belted dresses.
- In Moschino's example, complementing the look with a hair style from the 1960's which could possible become trendy as well.

Antonio Marras

Lace Dresses

Be careful with wearing too much lace in your look... it could create a cheap look on you. To avoid this, choose fine materials with vibrant colors, making sure your shoes are also enriched with fun tones and the trendy metallic too.

Transparent Dresses

This too is another trend to be careful with among summer dresses 2013. Too much use will create an image of a vulgar woman on you... and you don't want that!

How to wear it?

Transparent material looks stylish on your shoulders, sleeves, neckline and layer skirts.


Short Dresses

There's a wide variety of them and their main characteristics are: A Line skirt, strapless and tight, straight or loose fit. Collars vary among rounded and V style.

Floral Dresses

This style will include floral prints and floral appliques using the same dress material.

Antonio Marras

A Line Skirt Dresses

This is good news for women with Pear/Triangle shape body. The A line style will flatter your curves hiding the wide hips... a great visual effect for your image!

Strapless Dresses

Dresses with no straps have become favorite choices by many women disregarding the season. Despite being a strong trend since many seasons ago, they are actually not a good choice for all.

If you are not in your ideal weight, you'd better pass this trend as it will easily expose your extra 'flesh' in arms and shoulders... you know what I mean :)

Joanna Mastroianni

Fringe Dresses

This is an influence brought in my flapper girls from the 1920's. The style is full of precious designs with a youthful air and fun.

Note that it's not the same to wear fringes in handbags and shoes because that has a different influence which comes from the Country Style of the 1970's.

Belted Dresses

Very feminine, subtle and defining waist. Belts are becoming a must-have accessory in our closets.

Ready to wear with any clothing, from short pants to elegant evening dresses. The idea is to have a good stock of colors without missing the trendy metallic.

Michael Kors

Loose Dresses

Comfortable, fresh and ideal for hot summer days without losing the elegant style. You will find them in all lengths, from short to maxi long.

Wear them with a relax look.

Brush Paint Dresses

Achieved with an artistic technique resembling canvas. Some concepts use brush strokes and splashes... but with style. You'll find them in one color or multicolor.

Antoni & Alison

Cropped Dresses

Strategically cropped, subtle and with style. Note that skin is hardly seen in the cropped areas. Often found in the shoulder/arm and waist areas.

Camo Print Dresses

An ongoing trend, reinvented and evidently willing to stay as part of the trends for summer dresses 2013.

You don't necessarily need the traditional camo colors, expand your color options to any of your favorites... pink, fuchsia, red... apply a fashion criteria; just make sure those camo shapes are visible.

Atsuro Tayama

Pleated Dresses

With a romantic touch, smooth fabric and fly. Pleats are back and they blend with drapes, although you will also see them mixed with the plain parts of the dress.

Boho Dresses

A contemporary and modern style, with retro touch from the 1970s... but now, with more sophistication. It's ideal for women looking for a distinguish style.

Issa London

Black & White Dresses

Yes they are the most classic pair of colors in the fashion world, here they are not enclosed; they trespass the style boundaries while testing new territories in the modern and even exotic styles.


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