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Men's suits are certainly not just about jackets, but rather two inseparable pieces of clothing of similar fabric and design. Trendy and elegant suits for nowadays active and modern men are based on a perfect cut to the shape plus appropriate complements.

If you are looking to purchase one then consider the quality of fabric (wool, cotton, cashmere, silk, polyester) and the pattern design (lines, plain color, glossy). Because the fabric cost is above regular clothing, my advice is investing money in a suit with excellent and proven quality that will dress you for a long time, years for some.

When attending a formal event, it is expected that you look impeccable with your suit so consider these tips:

- The neck of the shirt must perfectly fit, both in the back and the sides without bulging out or wrinkling. The back of the shirt must be adjusted naturally and smoothly.

- Well finished suit lapels will always remain unwrinkled in the area where it embraces the neck landing at the height of the first button. Lapels should not be seen raised or uneven.

- Your jacket’s waist is a matter of taste. Some prefer a straight-down cut while others opt for designs that will slightly follow the shape of the body.

You should be able to find both styles in the market but in any case your jacket's structure should naturally fit in the waist area without forming wrinkles or folding.

- Length: Nowadays they are longer than in previous years covering your pant’s back area but not exceeding the knuckle of your thumbs when standing with the arms straight down to the sides of your body.

- Pants can be worn with or without belt as they should rest on the hip. If you choose using suspenders (seldom used) then the pants can be used a little higher than normal.

What is important is that they should fit well in the back. Avoid loose fittings in the waistline as they can form unwanted bulgings in the area; but also avoid tight fittings as they can shape your buttocks exaggeratedly. When pants fit well they will not bulge out in the inseam.

Finally, according to the protocol it is better to be seen as a person with a formal style than to be out of the dress code for the event. Read well your invitation card, take our basic advises and go enjoy the party.


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