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When we talk about women's military fashion, we'll aim at epaulettes, cargo pockets and lots of army green twill.

Pair them with sleek, sophisticated separates to create an edgy, yet elegant look.

Do you like it? If so, set aside approximately US$ 370 in your budget to get all the visible pieces shown here. Our best guess of the outfit she is wearing are described below:
- All Women's Military Vest - From $27.01
- All White Shirts - From $36.00
- All Crop Pants - From $9.79
- All Black Pumps - From $6.99
- All Braided Belts - From $5.99
- All Gold Cuff Bracelets - From $24.95

I know, one is not always enough…so here you go, three extra Military Chic options. Now you have them all; jackets, pants, shirts, skirts and vests. Choose your best option or make your own, but make sure you join the Fashion Army during this season.

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  1. womens fashion military boots are my fav. don't see any here :(

  2. Great shoes and the women who wear them are the perfect combination of style and fashion. Women's footwear is the direct representation of their lifestyle and personality. In every moment of time shoes play an important role in women's world.

    1. Also, I agree with you. A shoe says a lot about the person

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