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While wearing boots is a matter of professional duties for some, others can find the fashion side in this Military-Inspired design and show off their favorite pair to make a bold exotic statement.

The variety in women's fashion military boots is inmense so we picked only a few to display here. Although the designer categorized them as women's boots, some models should be considered unisex like the Skelly design or the Rocker Boots with the electric guitar on the heel (not shown here, click on any image below to search for this an other options).

Let's start with these pairs:

Ok girls, so after the first WOW expressions you could probably be wondering, "what to wear with these boots!?" Well, here are a couple ideas for you:

For a night out: Solid Pink Long Sleeve Top + Black Ruffle Mini Skirt and a pair of Dr. Martens Vonda Boot with beautiful embroidered flowers to mix with your top:

Hanging out with friends: Black Plaid Beanie + Long Sleeve Break Time Tunic + Destroyed Jeans and a pair of 1460 Boots in Black Plaid. We love the perfect matching of her clothing and the boots. She looks wild but stylish; keep this in mind when picking your next outfit.

All of these boots are made in smooth leather upper and rubber soles. So, are you ready to get your new pair of exotic military boots? We added a few other models here in case you need more choices and inspiration for your look. ENJOY YOUR STYLE!


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  1. Will you wear a pair of women's fashion military combat boots this fall & winter?


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