Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this site about?
A: AsEstilo is all about you and how you can improve your personal image by correctly mixing and matching your clothes, fashion accessories and beauty products.

Q: What does AsEstilo mean?
A: AsEstilo stands for ‘Asesoría de Estilo’ in Spanish; which in English means ‘Style Advice' or better well known as 'Fashion Consultant'.

Q: I need to improve my personal image. How can I do it?
A:  The answer is being updated. Thank you for your patience.

Q: Why can’t I buy directly in AsEstilo’s site, why am I getting redirected elsewhere?
A: AsEstilo is currently not keeping stock of any item, nor shipping products at this point. Right now we are working with affiliated networks to provide to you trustworthy and well-known clothing brands, accessories and beauty products. When you decide to purchase an item in our website, you will be redirected to a different site where you can complete the acquisition process. By doing so, AsEstilo is beneficiated and our advisory service is finally compensated.

Q: Some prices shown in AsEstilo are different than the price of the same product in the sale page of the e-Store you redirect me for the final purchase; why is that?
A: This happens because the external website that stock the clothing or accessories you chose to buy, is free to modify their sale prices at their own will. AsEstilo does NOT set prices in any case. Consider therefore, that the final price that you will pay for the product, is the price shown in the external e-Store's page (eg: Amazon.com, FreePeople.com, Kmart.com, Target.com, etc).

Q: Why should I buy through AsEstilo?.
A: Buy your fashion products through us because:
- AsEstilo WILL NOT CHARGE YOU any additional cost for advicing on what to wear, and leading you to eStores that are known as safe and trustworthy in the Internet business world.
- The eStores we recommend have competitive prices.
- Our fashion expert eStores offer you one or more safety seals like the ones below. These logos represent Internet companies that certify the reliability of their clients to offer a safe environment to buy/sell and transmit sensitive information online. In other words, order what you want and get what you ordered:

Q: I want to buy a product, but your affiliate e-Store will not ship it to my country outside the USA; what can I do?
A: We suggest you contact any of these international courier services (DHL, FedEx, UPS) available in your country.

Call the courier company of your choice and explain them in detail what your shipping needs are, and the assistant will surely provide an efficient shipping service for you.

To find the land line number of any of these companies in your country, follow these four simple steps:

1. Click the above links to access the company of your choice,

2. Once in the courier's website, select your country and language,

3. In the next screen, search and click the link where it reads:
- In DHL.com: "Contact Center"; later click on: "DHL Express",
- In FedEx.com: "Customer Service",
- In UPS.com: "Call Customer Service".

4. The land line number and other forms of contact will be displayed on your screen. Call them today!

Q: What if I want to return what I ordered or if I received a different product?.
A: Contact the eStore that sold you that product and explain them your case through their website. AsEstilo recommends you to read all the information about the product, shipping, and return policy of the eStore you selected, prior to performing the actual purchase.

Q: How can I contact AsEstilo?
A: E-mail us to: contactus@asestilostore.com or directly to:

- Sonia C. Aguero
Image Consultant
Facebook: Enter Here

- Simon J. Martinez
General Manager
Facebook: Enter Here

City-Country: Asunción - Paraguay

Q: I constantly read the concept Personal Image; why would I need to improve? I know how to get dressed and nobody cares for what I put on as long as I am covered.
A: Your personal image is a silent report that you are giving to the people around you; and whether you like it or not, it is declaring with no words certain aspects of your life. This report can be a wrong message that you don’t want to give to people, or an excellent one that can open doors for you in your personal relationships, your office, your business and any social environment you can think of.

You definitely know how to put your clothes on, but a different thing is to know how to choose the right clothes and accessories to provide a good message from you to others. Don’t rely on the fact that nobody verbally says anything to you about your dressing; they are probably too nice to you and would rather not offend you by saying what they really feel about your look.

AsEstilo is not pursuing a uniform policy, that’s ok for sports teams; what we love is variety, creativity and uniqueness, but we also respect the dress code for every event. What we will do is give you the information that you need so you can choose within your style what is most appropriate for the event that you will attend.

If you have read this far in the page, is because you really care for your personal image although you probably still don’t admit it.

Take advantage of this site and return at least once in a week to check what’s new within your style. You don’t have to log in or pay any fee; just watch and learn. Take the advices and apply them for your own benefit!

Q: Can you explain the fashion seasons and when are collections released?
A: To understand this we must divide the fashion map among Northern and Southern Hemisphere designers.

The Northern Hemisphere designers release their Spring/Summer (S/S) and Fall/Winter (F/W) collections in cities like New, Milan, Paris and Tokyo to name a few; with a range of six to twelve months in advance of the actual season.

1- In February 2017 - approximately - the F/W collections will be displayed on the runways but will be seen in stores months later, to cover the Fall and Winter season that starts September 2017 and ends March 2018.
2- In September 2017 - approximately - the S/S collections will be displayed on the runways but will be seen in stores the next year to cover the Spring and Summer season from March 2018 to September 2018.

On the other hand, fashion designers in the Southern Hemisphere will release their collections in cities like Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and Sydney to name a few, with a range of one to five months in advance of the actual season.

1- In February 2017 - approximately - the F/W collections will be displayed on the runways but will be seen in stores later that year, to cover the Fall and Winter season from March to September 2017.
2- In August 2017 - approximately - the S/S collections will be displayed on the runways but will be seen in stores later that year, to cover the Spring and Summer season that starts September 2017 and ends March 2018.

Do you have any further questions? We are highly interested in answering them. Please write us to contactus@asestilostore.com

Thank you and ENJOY YOUR STYLE!

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