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What are the fashion options for pinstripe suits for men?

We are following a trend of slim suits so make sure you dismiss those baggy concepts worn back in the 1980s... know that for many years they have been out of fashion!

But take it easy, don't get depressed, here are three things you can do with your old big suit:
1. The least recommendable. With a set of scissors, threats, needles and some YouTube DYI video, give it a try and fix it yourself... consider this option as a joke :)

2. The sartorial. Visit a fine shop in your city and ask the expert to adjust it for you. It might cost you a little cheaper than a new one. The challenge is to get that fine professional sartorial that will do the trick for you.

3. Charity. Why not? You never know who is going to wear your old set. Imagine a poor but visionary man who is looking for a free suit that he can wear for his historical presentation in front a big audience. How would you feel knowing he is wearing your suit? Ok, chances are very low that something like that could happen, but who knows?

If you decide to go for option 3 and now you have to get a new outfit; then find below some pinstripe suits we gathered for you to consider, along with some tips.


What do you think of these pinstripe suits for men?

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