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The military style jackets are still trending this season. We have seen this design for several seasons now, and apparently they refuse to disappear. The reason? They are being constantly reinvented, and men just love their look. Since Michael Jackson first wore a black military jacket in 1984, this garment left the barracks to invade the male’s urban fashion, becoming a popular modern style men’s wear.

The season’s fashion runways are full of men's military style jackets; designers are presenting them as a strong suggestion for different occasions such as business trips, lunch with friends, casual dining and outdoor events to name a few; in other words, you are encouraged to wear it at any time of day and night. However, we suggest you scratch off formal events - like weddings and official ceremonies - out of this list; as the main feature of this model is the informality.

This jacket is ideal to dress with shirts, linen shirts or jersey. To get a modern twist simply add a neckerchief as you will see in a couple pictures below. In regards to pants, we recommend you opt for jeans or cargo pants for casual activities, and dress pants for special occasions. When the temperature starts to rise, pick bermuda shorts or dress shorts along with your military jacket … a great look and chic by the way!

How to wear a military style jacket? Fashion advisors suggest fastening one or two buttons in the center of the jacket; by doing so, your collar and bottom part will remain open giving a fresh look as you walk. If you opt for a jacket with zipper closure, then zip it up to instantly create a more elegant look. If you are more daring and exotic, you might want to use the jacket alone, with no shirt at all… reveal your athletic torso and tanned skin.

When choosing materials, keep in mind that leather, suede and twill are the most recommendable for these days; on the other hand gabardine is the best for rainy days, while cotton fabrics are fresher and ideal for when the sky opens and the sun begins to warm. Regarding colors, the runways suggest you choose from this color palette: beige, black, blue, brown, camel, gray, orange and off white.

Finally, if the above info is too much to keep in mind, the bottom line is, if you like the military style jacket …wear it and enjoy it!

We selected some images that will guide you to build your own look.


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