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This concept never goes out of style and is ideal for the summer season. The white dress, elegant and fresh, allows you to make infinite combinations, and any accessory that you add will make it look even better.

Some of the highlights for the Spring Summer are laces, sleeveless and short white dresse with thick straps, and draped designs to ally with the Greco-Roman style.

Designers suggest that you add at the most one alternate color to achieve some variation in tone in your outfit, including of course the highly popular black and white. Display your favorite color in your bag, flat sandals, platform shoes, fashion accessory, belt and why not ... in your cell phone case and skin too.

Where not to wear white dresses? At weddings! Unless you are the bride, leave this color just for her to shine. It’s her day after all…right?

Now, if you are totally into this trend and impatient to try one at your next event, then you will appreciate the designs we chose for you. We grouped them among casual wear, resort, cocktail and party designs. They belong to some of the best fashion designers, and they express the finest concepts in white dresses throughout their various options including long dresses.

Incorporate these ideas now and create your own look ...





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