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The white shirt is probably not among women's favorite fashion pieces, perhaps because it is always kept as a dress piece linked to office work, but that's a terrible mistake. 

The images in this page were extracted from top designer runways, and they show us how to wear these shirts so that classic and modern style women will find a new purpose for this clothing.

Your outfit options pants, shorts and skirts too.

Elie Tahari presented white shirt and shorts, definitely a fresh and casual outfit for hot summer days. She, Michael Kors and Etro, suggests adding a jacket if you choose to wear a dress shirt with pants; by the way, how beautiful those white sets are!. On the same garment, Moschino rescues an American classic, white shirt with 'blue jeans', while Roberto Cavalli chose a white shirt with ruffles and skinny pants or leggings. And last but not least, white shirts with skirts; although it is perhaps a very American combination, we see this trend gradually spreading to other countries and continents.

Do not limit your look with a typical white collar dress shirt with side pocket, but rather also opt for designs with fringes, laces and ruffles and you will be in fashion with the latest details.

Here are some the most representative images on what to wear with white shirts in the Spring Summer.

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  1. This is certainly a must-have. White shirts for ladies are constantly fashionable. It's simple shade can match perfectly in any day.

    1. That's right, it's an all-time classic. Thanks for your comments and for stopping by!


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