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Here are a few important points on high heels for winter; these will help you choose the fashion pairs you should be wearing in the upcoming season.

First, let's talk about what the fashion designers presented on the runways:

The main colors of the season will be dark, which are a strong tendency of every winter.  Opt for different ranges of blue, red, burgundy, chocolate brown and of course black. An escape to these colors would be nude and white. Shoes with high gloss shiny finishing will also be present, but obviously reserved for special occasions only.

Your local store will surely be displaying a wide variety of materials for women's shoes, but as a modern woman you should consider only three type of high heels; with animal prints, leather and suede in all its stunning colors.  You will also find beautiful pairs in patent leather and silk that will definitely suit your party outfits thanks to their glow, style and elegance.

Shoes with thin heels, commonly called stilettos, can be replaced by thicker and more comfortable heels. While the height remains unchanged, is the thickness of the heel that increases to add comfort and balance. This is a welcomed trend for those women who have sought for a 'little help' to walk safely without losing elegance.

Platform pumps started to reign during summer and they will continue in the winter, but in darker tones. The straps that we saw and enjoyed during the past season will also continue in the upcoming months, but with a more aggressive touch of metals.  Designers have shown great interest in using more detailing in shoe hardware and buckles; these elements, far from disappearing are accentuated and receive new strength for the winter fashion.

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