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Although ties for men are considered ‘accessories’, their presence in men’s activities increases season after season.

Business men, dignitaries, office employees and now even sport couches are wearing them, without forgetting the various special events like weddings, love dates and even the always unwanted funeral ceremonies on which ties are always present; thus ties become a must-have accessory for men.

Whatever the reason you have to wear it, consider these suggestions that the fashion designers created for this season.

Option 1. Solid Colors.

That’s right, simple and easy, no fancy prints, no exotic designs and definitely no funny drawings. Just pick a one-color tie that best matches your belt, shoe, handbag or simply coordinates with your outfit and you are done.

Go a little further in style and opt for satin or silk and thin neckties. Take advantage of silk’s natural shine to contrast the dark color clothes that most men like wearing during winter time. And thin - they are IN - and they look great especially on slim men. Regular size are still ok too so do not discard them; but choose it only if you are part of the big guys team.


All GREY neckties for men online

Option 2. Diagonal striped neckties.

Note that we are not talking about any striped tie, not the horizontal or the vertical lines, but specifically diagonal or inclined stripes. Don’t overload the lines with too many colors, keep it simple with two or three at the most; and as always, do your best in blending it with the colors of your outfit.

Option 3. Bow Ties.

Gone are the days when these pieces were exclusive use of tuxedos, school teachers and scientist professors. Now, even young fashion men have implemented them as part of their outfit matching them with cardigans, suits, blazers and coats. Once again, keep it simple and small avoiding clownish colors and large sizes.


All GREY Bow ties

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