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This season boot lovers will have a feast with all the amazing options available. From casual wear to formal attire, this footwear promises to keep your feet and legs warm, while adding style to your outfit.

The fashion runways showed us that we will have plenty of choices to pick from; starting with ankle-high or booties, to thigh-length boots which happen to be BFF with mini skirts and shorts.

Shorts in winter you said?

Yeap, boots and shorts, a wild but trendy combination for the season.

Let's see what the designers suggest you to wear and how to mix and match your boots with the rest of your clothing.

This Fall / Winter, boot trends include peep toes!. Although they are probably not a good idea to wear if you are planning to do a street walk... your toes will freeze! But they still look outstanding for a special occasion indoors.

In regards to heels, stilettos are seeing competitors arising. Thick high heels are getting a strong support from the designers and they might become most women's choice, as they are more comfortable and easier to walk with.

When examining the trending materials, we found that leather and suede will be the choice of the season once again. Velvet is also a valid option which you can choose with applications like laces, studs, stones, glitter and flower prints. But if you like to get a little wild, python print is here for you in more color choices than actually available in the real snake.

Talking about colors, three classic tones are reigning over the season and they are beige, black and brown; but modern style women can definitely go further and pick among blue and red to make a bold fashion statement.

Find below the designs that you can get online today and note that they are grouped according to the height of their respective shafts... oh! and if you want to avoid the descriptions, then click any shoe to see them all enlarged and without texts. Enjoy the designs!


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