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Oxford shoes are known to be formal style footwear from its early days; but since fashion designers placed their hands on them, these pairs have evolved thanks to a range of styles and materials, to fit even your casual wear outfits.

Did you know that brogue oxford shoes are now seen worn by women as high heels and sneakers among teens?

Actually, most brands label their creations as "Oxford Brogue" to any design that resembles the well know characteristics of this shoe, being the perforation details and serrated piece edges the most typical.

Having said that, you should consider oxford shoes a must have in your fashion repertoire as they can fix your look in any social and business occasion.

This is the reason why they have become such a high demand among western men; and for that same reason we grouped this small collection with five of the most wanted styles in oxford shoes.

In this collection we will focus on the dress type oxfords for men.

So view the images and click them to display a gallery without text, or click the red links next to them and you will be redirected inside AsEstilo, to the page where you will find all the details of each shoe plus a couple more options for you to decide which pair to buy.

Here is the first one...

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