When Changing your Personal Image is NOT Enough

Fashion and style will definitely not solve your personal insatisfaction in life; because the problem is not in your look but inside your soul.

It doesn't matter if you can pay for a full change in your personal image, if you can buy designer clothing, if people praise you for your fantastic new look or if your friends are celebrities; your soul need something else to truly fulfill it.

You know it's a hard job trying to cheat your soul. Although you can temporarily enjoy material things, you know very well they'll soon loose their value to you. In short time you will need to get new and more stuff 'to be ok', but the insatisfaction wheel will now start spinning faster and faster.

Truth is, your soul is searching for a fulfillment and satisfaction that will never find in the material world.

You've surely heard of different philosophies out there offering their point of view on how to achieve this supreme goal.

Here we offer you to return to basics, return to God creator of men and women, the earth and the universe.

This God is capable to fulfill your soul and give purpose to your life.

Changing your personal image will have people around you saying compliments on your external look. But God in your soul will project an image that goes beyond clothing and brands, an image that comes from your heart, from inside out. An image that will genuinly express an internal peace and joy that surpasses understanding.

In this weblog we daily write about fashion, style, trends and tips; but our satisfaction is not baset on outfits... but in God!

Join us acknowledging God in your life; it is only then that fashion, art and everything around you will make sense, will have purpose. You will then appreciate life from a heavenly perspective.

How to join?

That's easy... make a simple and honest prayer to open your life to God, accepting Jesus in your heart and asking the Holy Spirit to guide you to a life with purpose, joy and fulfillment.

Repeat this prayer...

"Heavenly Father God, creator and designer of all good for my life,
I come to you to ask you to accept me in your great family.

Lord Jesus, nothing on earth satisfies me and my life is getting nowhere.
Therefore, please come into my heart and give me
the joy of your salvation.

Holy Spirit; come and fill me with your presence,
guide me to take good daily decisions.
With your help I want to enjoy
a life with purpose.


Congratulation for saying this prayer!

We also pray that you will now be filled in with pure joy from heaven.

If you believed in your heart and confessed with your mouth what you have just said, then be sure that you have started the greatest change in your personal image; a change from inside out!.

- Now what?

Now the challenge is to keep that joy, peace and internal satisfaction; and experience them every day of your life.

- Great... but how?

Allow us to share with you our best advices on this lifestyle, just fill in your basic info on the below form, and we'll reply to you with heartfelt guidance.

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