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In this page you will find a collection of clothing and fashion accessories with one material uniting them all, wool.

This natural fiber is full of benefits for both men and women's wear. It was a smart decision to turn it into clothing, and then make it fashion and stylish.

Among its benefits we can mention at least two groups; the naturals and those for the soul. Follow the links to read all about them.

Now find below our latest outfits and clothing with wool:


Wool Scarves for Men

Wool Shirts for Men

Men's Wool Sweaters

Wool Pea Coat for Men


Woolen Poncho for Women

Women's Wool Blazers

Women's Wool Cardigan

Merino Wool Sweaters for Women

Designer Wool Dresses

Capes and Ponchos
for Women


- If you are enjoying your perfect weight then you can wear wool clothing with any fiber; whether heavy, medium or light.

- If you are overweight, then use cardigan and sweaters with light wool and without heavy printing and decoratives. Heavy fibers will make you look larger than you are, thus affecting your image.

- If you are a short person, do not use long cardigans and sweaters that reach below your rear or mid-thigh. Fashion consultants agree that waist-high tops are better for you.

- If you are tall, then you should choose long pieces even below your rear. This will help you create a more proportional image.

- For women with large breasts, opt for V neckline cardigans and sweaters, with no floral or diamond designs, appliques or beads in that area. Thus you will avoid all eyes focusing on that part of your image, but rather allowing a better display of your full outfit.

- Never-ever shave your wool clothing when bobbles start to form. Some people suggest using a shaving machine to eliminate those tiny balls in your clothing; BUT, by doing so you will weaken the fiber, and eventually causing breakings. If pills are really bothering you then try brushing your garment, if it does not improve... buy a new one :) and donate the other one to someone who don't mind wearing it while living through the winter.

Let's discover those benefits now...


#1. It's the most obvious and wide-known; wool clothing is perfect for winter and for low temperature regions of the world. That was an easy one! It is also well known that old civilizations wore them as mentioned in Job 31:20.

Did you know that wool is warm because its fiber creates micro air pouches capable of retaining body heat? Nice scientific input in a fashion blog; right? :)

#2. It's hypoallergenic. This means it has low risk to cause allergic reactions. Are you allergic to fibers? Wool is probably one of the best materials for you; but please talk to your doctor about it just to be safe.

#3. It's biodegradable. Environmentalists should love this material as it needs short time to break down, decompose and re-enter soil releasing valuable nutrients into the ground.

#4. It resists odor. If during summer you suffered disgusting odors, then enjoy winter wearing wool clothing because they will keep you out of the odor zone.

#5. Good looking and keeps its form. No matter how much you move around, wool clothing can be easily accommodated to display an impeccable image.

#6. Resistant to dirt and easy to clean. Women will be happy to have at least one less piece to wash; but for men, this benefit plus #4 and #5 should be enough to definitely choose this material :)


Wool is somehow directly related to the issues of our hearts. How come? The ancient scripts of the Bible have several references of God wanting to cleanse our lives from the heaviness of sin, wanting to help us take decisions, and motivating us to excel in our trades and professions. All of this goodness from God is linked to this material just to help us understand how much He cares for us. Read about them here...

Wool Coat by Via Spiga

If you feel your heart is heavy because of so many bad actions you have made in your life, and you do not know who to ask for forgiveness for all the wrong things you did; draw near to God and confess unto Him all your faults. Do it alone, in audible voice and then just accept his forgiveness.

Isaiah 1:18 says:
"Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord,
Though your sins are like scarlet,
They shall be as white as snow;
Though they are red like crimson,
They shall be as wool."

Make a short prayer like this one:
"Lord, please forgive all my sins (list all those you remember). Cleanse my heart and my soul until they become white as wool. Thank you. Amen."

Fashion Implementation: Wear today a touch of WHITE WOOL in your outfit (hat, scarf, gloves, coat, etc). Everytime you feel it or you see it in a mirror, remember that Jesus forgives your sins regardless of what you did. Now your heart and soul are white as wool unto Him. Enjoy His forgiveness!

2. Confirmation

Scarf by Nautica

If you are in a crossroad in your life and you've got this hunch on what to do, but you are just not sure it's the right thing; ask God for a confirmation sign on this issue. When you know it, you will immediately act with determination totally sure that He is supporting you.

In the book of Judges 6:37, judge Gideon said:
"... I will place a wool fleece on the threshing floor. If there is dew only on the fleece and all the ground is dry, then I will know that you will save Israel by my hand, as you said".

Make a short prayer like this one:
"God, I'm stuck in this situation. I don't know which option is the best one. Please give me a confirmation sign in order to decide. Help me deciding and show me your good will because I want the best results on this issue. Thank you and Amen".

Fashion Implementation: Wear today a touch of wool in your outfit - any piece - and everytime you touch it or see it, remember that you are working on this matter with God. Bless your upcoming response from Him, do as He guides you and trust that the final result will be highly successful because God is with you!.

3. Professional Satisfaction

Jacket by Theory

Are you looking for a new job or to start your own business?

Allow God to help you in this new challenge in your life. He knows what means hard working, how to do it and how to get satisfaction out of it. This is what Genesis 1:1;10b says: "... God created the heaven and the earth... and God saw that it was good". Ask now for His help so you can dedicate your skills, knowledge and passion in activities where you will get a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Here is another quote from the Bible, this time mentioning a virtuous woman.

Proverbs 31:13 says:
"She seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands".

Make a short prayer like this one:
"Blessed Father God, please help me find a professional activity where I can reach total satisfaction. I want to create goods and services that you would be proud of, that I would like making, and that will be useful to people; while at the same time I get rewarded for my efforts. Amen".

Fashion Implementation: Wear today a touch of wool in your outfit to remember that you and God are in this project together. Repeat your prayer as many times as you want, but add a thankful line at the end knowing that He is doing His part on your behalf, while you are doing yours.


With all these benefits on your side, will you wear wool clothing this season? You surely will, right?

From now on you will see wool with new eyes, with a new criteria and perspective. Wear your best everyday adding a touch of wool to your outfit. Keeping any of these new soul benefits in mind, your fashion and style will have a personal and intimate new meaning.

Share these benefits with someone who needs them. Thanks!


If you still can not find the style to improve your look,
if there is no fashion that can lift your self esteem;
then changing your image is not enough...
you need a change in your soul.

Enter here and get that change today!



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