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Wool scarves for men are highly versatile accessories for the fall/winter season. They have the power to change your whole look with one simple piece of color and pattern.

Scarves can be worn with jeans, jackets, long coats and even suits; it all depends on the material, color and print or pattern you are choosing.

Pure wool scarves and knit are good for casual events, while those that are wool mixed with silk are better for suits.

Classic and Formal style men should focus on neutral colors like black, grey, white and wine; as well as delicate tartan patterns with a combination of these colors.

Modern style men can expand to other color choices like red, yellow, light blue, emerald green as well as prints and patterns like paisley. Want to go a bit further? Then pick dotted fabrics, tartan or stripes.

Outfit options are endless with wool scarves, just be careful to mix and match two or more patterns; even some fashion advisers fail in doing so.

Winter brings in dark colors to our closets, for that reason opt for wool scarves that will contrast with them.

What is the best way to wear them?

If you are in the office or having lunch/dinner at a restaurant, simply let it hang without tying it. This will give you a relax and comfy look.

If you are active, walking on the street or doing your duties; then tie your scarf with a fashion touch and at the same time you will avoid it to fly away with a wind blow. Pick a style from any YouTube tutorial.

Very good, let's view now some wool scarves for men starting with...

Branded wool scarf for men, with stripes to give it a everyday sensibility.
Color: Red Brick. Men's logo scarf by Armani Exchange.

View All Red Scarves by Armani - Starting at $81.44

Explore All Contemporary & Designer Red Wool Scarves - Starting at $69.99

Zigzags and stripes give this design a bold, graphic look. Double-layered. Available Colors: Sand Dune Multi and Marine Blue Multi. Thick knit. 100% wool. Width 70in / 178cms. Men's Zigzag Sweater Scarf by Marc Jacobs.

View All Wool Scarves by Marc Jacobs - Starting at $55.99

Explore All Contemporary & Designer Striped Wool Scarves - Starting at $40.00

Wool scarf with fringes. Available colors: Blue, Yellow and Green. Materials: 80% Cotton and 20% Virgin Wool. Cotton and virgin wool. Double-layer check design. Wool blend scarf by Hugo BOSS.

View All Wool Scarves by Hugo Boss - Starting at $39.99

Explore All Contemporary & Designer Blue Wool Scarves with Fringes - Starting at $54.99

Men's Wool Scarf with print. Available colors: Navy Blue, Burgundy, Peach and Light Blue. 100% Wool. Made in Italy by Gucci.

View All Scarves by Gucci - Starting at $189.00

Explore All Contemporary & Designer Wool Scarves with Print - Starting at $69.99


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