Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style.



Despite the crazy trends we see in fashion shows, everybody would agree that elegance and sophistication will never dim.

The Elegance Collection is how we name it here in AsEstilo. Other bloggers and top fashion houses will call it differently, but the concept is still the same. Most of us promote it because it is a must-wear in those important dates of our lives.

This is directly related to our Creator God.

We were made unto His image (Genesis 1:26), and therefore we seek to look like Him.

This is what Psalm 104:1 says about how Yahweh our Father God, dresses himself:

"Bless Yahweh, my soul. Yahweh, my God, you are very great. You are clothed with honor and majesty".

The writer is so delighted with God's look that he starts by expressing his awe unto Him.

That is exactly what happens when we wear an elegant outfit; everyone stares at us delighted to see a touch of honor and majesty in us.

No matter who you are and what you do in life, when you wear a nice suit or dress, you will immediately impress the people surrounding you.

So, next time an important event is marked in your calendar, remember to wear your best outfit, just like your Father God does.


What do you think of the Elegance Collection?

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