Fashion on a Budget

Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

3 John 1: 2
Beloved, I wish that you may prosper in all things and to have health, just as your soul prospers.


I wanted to start with this verse because the purpose here is not to adapt to poverty, the intention is to help you still look good and fashionable while your economy gets up as the Bible says!

It's true, dressing well with little money is not easy, but it is possible ... fortunately! And now with this blog you are going to know all about Fashion on a Budget!!


These ten tips will help you organize your wardrobe and assemble outfits that you will be able to use several times, and make them different with just changing your accessories!

Follow this guide and I guarantee that you will have the desired success with little money!


1- Buy Basic Garments

These are some examples of garments that you must have, because with just making some small accessory changes, you will be able to create different looks.

These garments are:
- White shirt or blouse
- Black shirt
- Pencil Skirt
- Blue jeans
- Classic black pants
- Black dress without striking details


2- Take note of your activities

This way you will know what and how many outfits you should put together for work, movies, outings, shopping, etc.


3- Build your outfits based on your activities

Each place has a dress code, for example the office, the bank, the beach, sports. All of them require a different set of clothes.


4- Prepare a list of items you lack

Look carefully at the list I made above of a basic wardrobe. Make your list by checking in your wardrobe what are the clothes you already have and that are in good condition. Then you can write down the clothes that are missing so that when you go out shopping you know exactly what you are going to buy without losing time or money.


5- Buy in time of Sales

When you buy in season sales you can save 30 to 50 percent on clothes.


6- Buy online

Today you can find amazing offers online. Just make sure it is a page with all security measures and it will be completely reliable.


7- Check your clothes and stay with the ones that are in good condition

Your clothes must be impeccable. That way you'll always look good, even though if you only have a few clothes.


8- Accesorize your clothes

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hats or bandanas are essential allies to give life to your oufits. They are so much cheaper to buy in quantity, without spending much.


9- You can recycle your Clothes!

If you are not afraid to grab the scissors and make changes to your clothes, there are thousands of tutorials online that will help you. You can change your dresses to shirts, jeans to shorts, etc.

But if you do not dare, you can hand your clothes to a dressmaker of your confidence and transform your clothes!


10- Prioritize your expenses in shoes and handbags

Shoes and handbags will complete perfectly your look, have fun adding color to your oufits with them!



What do you think of this blog on Fashion on a Budget?

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