How to be Handsome

Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

Looking attractive is not about having designer clothes, the best shoes, expensive watches or cutting-edge haircuts.

To look attractive you need to make some very simple changes, such as paying more attention to your hygiene, practice good manners and choose the right clothes in the right size.

Now I will answer your how to be handsome questions with this small guide that will help you in this simple process of improving your image and look more attractive as you put these tips into practice.


Step 1

- Take a shower in the morning and shave. After the shower use an extra strong deodorant to help you smell good all day long. But if you are one of those who sweat a lot, it is better that you take it with you everywhere to give a rein forcement in the hour that you need it.

- In case you forgot to put on deodorant, grab some hand sanitizer and wash your armpits, this will kill for a few hours the bacteria that produce a bad smell. Depending on the heat, you may have to repeat this action several times during the day.

- Use only a small amount of colony, the areas where you must put it are dolls and the back of the neck. Those parts are the warmest parts of the body and when they warm up they will gently release your perfume.

- Wash your face every time you shine, men have more testosterone that is linked with the increase in pimples.

- To look well shaved, it is necessary to do it every morning before work or school.

- Clean and cut your nails. Every two or three days, when you leave the shower, take a minute to quickly trim and clean them of all the dirt that accumulates under them.


Step 2

How to achieve it?

You will achieve it with a good hair stylist.
Find a specialist in styling and cutting trends, a professional who knows how to treat your hair type and who will make a cut according to the shape of your face.



The secret is that your clothes should be your size, neither bigger or smaller. As men's fashion changes approximately every 5 years, you should polish it with the correct size. This will make you look modern and trendy.

Do not buy by just looking at the sizes, try them on so that you will know how they feel and how they look on you.

The ideal fit is the one that allows you to have movement, without bending or crumpling the garment too much.

Wearing really big clothes, because you are very thin or you are overweight, will only boost your problem and make you look bad. With fairer and fitted garments, you will be able to look more attractive.



It is not necessary to have a lot of clothes, but rather to have the right ones. Which are the right ones for you? Those that allow you to combine a good amount of oufits and that will make you feel good about yourself.

These are some essentials:
- Black and white t- shirts (V neck, round neck or polo).
- A white shirt.
- A black or navy blazer.
- Dark jeans and black pants with straight cut.
- Two shoes, one leather corduroy and one sporty white.

With these 4 simple steps, you will see an important change in your image! But be aware that this is the start. After learning this basics you can try out colors and lastly dive into fashion trends.

When others see the change in you and make comments on how attractive you are, do not hesitate to share it with me :)


Three oufits to inspire you

Oufit 1


Oufit 2


Oufit 3



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