How to be Yourself

Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

Find the time to learn about your values and how to be yourself. A person who is honest with theirself, even if is different, is more valuable than a person who is fake.


Step 1 - Discover your values

Values are the things that you think are important in your way of living.

When the things you do and the way you behave coincide with your values, life is good; You are satisfied and happy. But when these do not align with your personal values, it's when things feel ... bad. This can be a true source of unhappiness.

It is natural to acquire values from different sources, for example: culture, religion, people that inspire you, education, among others.

Some values are:

Responsibility, Accuracy, Achievement, Justice, Faith, Family, Generosity, Kindness, Happiness, Hard Work, Health, Holiness, Honesty, Honor, Humility, etc.

With this info in mind, you can now create a list of values that will help you get to know you.


Step 2 - Find your strengths and maximaze them

Discover what you are passionate about, and become an expert. Do not compare yourself with other people, that only brings disappointment, resentment and self-criticism. It will not help you move forward.

Get out of your comfort zone, be the first critic of your actions.


Step 3 - Be Honest and Learn to Relax.

Stop worrying about what is the worst that can happen, especially in social situations. Learn to laugh at yourself.

Become a funny story that you can share with others. So they know you're not perfect.


Step 4 - Stop Trying to please others

You will never be able to please everyone. Get out of the vicious circle of trying to please everyone. Instead, work on your talents and strengths.


Step 5 - Surround yourself with Positive People

Find true and trustworthy friends who can share your points of view and beliefs. So, if you are going through bad times they will help you and support you. These people are concerned, they are interested in your growth and they are respectful with you.


Step 6 - Identify your Style.

Copying other people's ways of dressing seems to be the best way to fit in, but ... it does not allow you to stand out. Start by accepting yourself as you are so that you can get to the place you want to be.

Being different is beautiful and attracts the right people to your life!



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