How to Look Good Men

Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

This are some rules of how to look good Men.


Dressing well, can give the impression of being confident and attractive. In such a way that anyone would like to hire you or have a date ;)

Your image is one of the first things that others notice, and these first impressions last. With a few simple steps, any man can dress to impress every day ... yes, you read it well, EVERY DAY !.


These are the steps:

1- Get dressed according to the activities of your day
and the image you want to project.

Dressing according to the trends may be right, but if it is not appropriate for your activity, you may find yourself out of place. Be true to yourself. If you don´t practice sports, do not look like you've just left the gym.


2- Take account of your personality when choosing your clothes.

If you are casual, calm and simple, you must have a simple wardrobe with some basic clothes. Such as:

- Classic blue Jeans
- White shirt
- Black and white t-shirt
- Black pants
- Classic shoe (like oxford)

If you are a person who likes drawing attention, look for unique colors or modern garments that will help you achieve it. It is good to wear clothes that reflect your interests, but avoid being a walking advertisement for a brand, sports or music team.


3- Look for quality clothing that fits you well.

It is not necessary to have a perfect body to look good, but you need to know what looks good on you.

The ideal male proportion is:
Tall, broad on the shoulders and narrow at the hips.

Take an honest look at the shape of your body and look for clothes that hide what you do not like and accentuate the right parts. The fit is more important than the style, if it does not fit you, do not use it.

The shirt should fit like this:
- The stitching should start right where your shoulder ends.
- The sleeve length will stop just before the curve of the hand (where the hand meets the wrist).
- The length of the shirt should extend beyond the belt but not beyond the buttocks.

The pants should fit like this:
- The waist should fit just above the hips.
- The pant leg should extend down at least to the top of the shoe, but not to the floor.


4- Choose the correct colors.

They should stand out your skin, eyes and hair. Colors can improve your mood, and help you look trendy. Stay away from wearing a one color head to bottom oufit; You can wear your gray, black, blue, olive green and brown shirts if you combine them with colorful pants.


5- Plan to spend money on the important pieces of clothing you must have

You should priorize buying a suit, although sometimes they are really expensive, when you have the occasion you need a good quality suit that fits you well to look good.
Try to spend less money on clothes that you will quickly discard, such as T-shirts. I recommend buying clothes in less quantity but more quality.


6- High quality shoes

Good shoes can make even the simplest clothes look good. Do not skimp on buying shoes, because they will last for many years.


7- Use jewelry in moderation.

A good watch can give you a better look.



Hip hop clothing, for example, tends to be much larger and loose, and can make you look heavier. However, hipster clothing can make you look skinny.



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