Ladies Jeans Shirt - How to wear

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I could say a Ladies jean shirt is the most versatile garment you can have in your wardrobe. With an endless number of combinations you can make with it.

Look at these examples and copy them!


You can put together many outfits with this garnment, that apart from being classic, gives you the opportunity to also look modern with some accesories.

It only takes creativity and good taste, look at the different outfits that can be put together. Give free rein to your imagination!




For a night out with a rock style. Add some leather-like pants and extra high boots. Oh! and do not forget to load it with some silver accessories!



For the day, a walk or shopping trip. A pink denim shirt, white pants and silver espadrilles for a modern touch. Comfortable, fresh and young!



A boho look, if you love the Texas style, country or hindi, this outfit is for you! Shirt with native embroidery, hat, booties and bag with fringes. Fantastic!



For a casual night out... Black jean shirt, pants with dots, black boots, a red bag and golden accessories.



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