Outfits for Curvy Petits

Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

Don`t think that because you are overweight you can´t look fabulous! All you need is knowledge, correct clothing and confidence. So, now take a look to this Outfits for Curvy Petits!!


Learn basic concepts of how to accent or hide areas of your body.

Colors, size and patterns can attract looks towards certain parts of your figure.


Here are some basic concepts:

- Dark colors hide, while light colors highlight.


- Large prints can generally make you look bigger, choose small prints.


CAUTION: Sometimes there are exceptions with prints, try the garment if you have doubts.


- Be careful with horizontal stripes; They tend to enlarge your figure.

- Vertical stripes would be the best choice!


- Avoid ruffles in the places you want to look smaller.

- Wear well-fitting and supportive underwear. Underwear is the basis of your look, if you do not use the right ones you will not look good.

- To lose thickness around the hips and thighs, wear high-waisted underwear and firm cotton.


- Tight jeans or straight leg jeans in a dark wash colour look GREAT.


- For some big girls, a long shirt or a dress with leggings is a look that thins them a lot and is also modern, but if you have big hips, or very large thighs, they may look bad.


- Lastly:

Buying clothes can be a frustrating experience if you go with the wrong attitude. Don´t obsess about sizes, rather look for clothes that fit you well.

Small mental changes can make a difference in your appearance. Cultivate your confidence!



What do you think of this Outfits for Curvy Petits?

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