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Being overweight does not mean you can not look fabulous! All you need is a little knowledge, the right pieces of clothing and a good dose of self-confidence! Take a look to this Plus Size Fashion Tips :)


If you are overweight and want to build a wardrobe do this:

- Use light colors to attract people's attention to the areas that you like, while camouflage your less flattering attributes with dark colors.

- Wear small prints because large ones can make you look bigger.

- Choose diagonal and vertical stripes since horizontal stripes are unflattering for large people.


Now look at this more detailed tips:

1. Know the color basics

- Dark colors hide, while light colors stand out.
So, if you like your waistline, wear a thin belt over a dark shirt. For example: If you want to hide your lower half, wear dark pants.

- You must find the colors that look good on you. A flattering color can make your skin tone shine, while the wrong color can make you look pale and discolored.


2. What to avoid.

- The stripes are fine on the plus size clothing if they are diagonal or vertical. If you want to look bigger in the bust area, horizontal stripes will improve it.

- Do not use ruffles in the places you want to look smaller; Put them in the areas you want to emphasize.


3- Wear tight fitting underwear.

Underwear is the basis of your look and often it is difficult to look good when your underwear is weak and does not help you enough.

A good bra will help lift your figure and make you look younger, as well as help you avoid back pain.


4- Look for reinforced textiles that will flatter your lower half.

If you are overweight in the hips and legs (you have "pear shape"), take care of this:

- Look for tailored skirts and pants. And avoid bell-bottomed trousers or baggy trousers.

- Buy at least a pair of tight jeans. The tight jeans or straight leg with dark wash look great.


5- Dress to enhance your upper half.

Depending on your body type, this could be the difficult or easy part. If you are overweight around the stomach and shoulders ("apple shape"), these tips will help you:

- Use custom shirts. And skip spaghetti straps or tank tops. You will want your shirt to cover the straps of your bra.

- Use gathered fabric in areas that you want to look smaller. For example, a one-piece swimsuit with panels gathered over the belly.

- Wear full-body cardigans and jackets.

- If you like your forearm, use a three-quarter sleeve. If you do not like them, use short sleeves, but not in the middle of the forearm, insted use it a little before the elbows because in the middle will look unflattering.

- If you're wearing tight jeans or leggings, try on a tunic-style blouse. Use the upper part loosely while the lower half is tight.


6- Complement and combine!

- Beautiful and unusual accessories make your wardrobe more versatile. Earrings and little pendants can get lost in you, use big and bold.

- Two or three thick bracelets will make your wrist look slender.

- A large handbag can help you look thinner.


Last important advice

- Wear your clothes with confidence!
If you struggle with self-confidence, try these:

- Do not buy gigantic pieces clothes. Clothing that is too big "apparently" is doing you a favor by hiding your body, but in reality it is communicating a lack of confidence. Instead, buy clothes of your correct size and rely on colors, patterns and ornaments to keep your eyes away from your flaws.

- Fashion is supposed to make you feel good; If it does not make you happy, do not buy it.
Clothing shouldn´t make you feel bad about yourself, they should provide comfort, protection, modesty and aesthetic pleasure. If this is not happening, those clothes are not for you.



What do you think of this Plus Size Fashion Tips?

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