Slim and Tall Mens Clothing

Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

Slim and Tall Mens Clothing has many advantages. It is not necessary to focus on hiding these characteristics but rather to enhance them!


These are some tips that will help you look good!

- Your clothes must be your right size, neither very small, nor big.

- The clothes with firm fabric will work better.

- Stay away from vertical stripes as they will add height.

- Use light and bright colors to create a more proportioned body.

Here are some more detailed tips for you!


1- Suits

Use contrasts to cut the thin line. As? A light colored jacket, and blue pants or jeans, will be a perfect combination!


2- Light colored shirts

To wear the suit, make sure your shirt is a light color because it is better.


3- Jackets with pictures

They are ideal for tall and skinny men because these patterns provide more volume. You can also use the smooth jackets, as long as they are light colors.


4- Shirts

- Choose checked shirts since they will give you a more robust look.
- Avoid shirt´s that are big on your neck and fist, it is always better to wear shirts in your perfect size.
- Military style shirts will suit you perfectly. Choose the ones with pockets on the chest and epaulettes on the shoulders, because they provide volume in those areas.


5- The pants

The classic trousers with tweezers are also ideal for adding volume.

Wear straight leg pants because they will add volume to your legs and add a clear belt that will break the thin frame.


6- Layer over layer

The layers (over garments) are also another great idea. A t-shirt over a shirt, or an open jacket and underneath a shirt, will be a great choice.


7- T-shirts with horizontal stripes

Make sure the t-shirts you choose have horizontal stripes because they will add volume to your body.




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