Apple Shaped Body

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The characteristics of an Apple Shaped Body are:

- Large upper part of the body

- Little or no waist

- Fat tends to accumulate in the stomach area.

- The waist line tends to be the same size as the shoulder line

- The hips are smaller than the shoulders and waist

- Broad thoracic box and back

- Wide shoulders

- Toned legs

- Big chest

- Little definition of waist

- Narrow hips (similar to inverted triangle, but with wide abdomen)

- Thin limbs (specifically the arms)


What to wear with this body type

- Choose garnments that goes just below the bust (eg, the Empire line, long tops, tunic shirts) because they lift the chest and make a cut at the waist.

- Add volume and structure to the hips (prints, flared skirt, skirts to the bias, etc.)

- Wear light colored t-shirts/shirts/blouses with vertical stripes

- Wear a good push-up bra to lift your bust, they will give a better shape to your body and make you look great in dresses, blouses and tops.

- Wear small V-neckline shirts, blouses and sweaters, that are loose below the chest area and long to mid-hip.

- A-line, Empire-cut and lightweight dresses will give you some great curves!

- Choose thick cloth garments

- Flared trousers, fisher trousers, shorts and straight pants will enhance your beautiful toned legs!

- Choose straight skirts, with slightly low waist and knee length.


What NOT to wear with this body type

- Tight shirts

- Shirts with large and colorful prints

- Large or bulky sweaters

- Large accessories

- Wide belts

- High waisted pants





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