Body Types

Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style


In order to look beautiful and be confident, you have to love your body and dress according to this body types.

Now, look at these images and click on the one that best describes your body. This will help you know what to wear and what not to wear depending on the characteristics of your body type.












Fashion Tips

When we dress, we all want to see ourselves the same or better than the photo or magazines show us. But to our surprise or disappointment it really is not like that.

Have you asked yourself why?

The answer is simple; The shape of our body, weight, height, and size are not the same. That is the reason why we need to know the shape of our body so that when buy garments we do not make the mistake of choosing garnments that do not favor your body type.

There are several methods to discover what type of body you have, here I leave the link where loading the measurements of your bust, waist and hip you will get the result of the type of body you have.

If loading your measurements you still have doubts about your body type; read carefully the characteristics of each body and you will be able to situate yourself better.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look amazing in every public presentation where they go? They have fashion advisers that know this secret of body shape's, they take advantage of it and maximize it, making them look incredible.

All that knowledge is now in your hands, just be meticulous and precise and you will discover your type.


Tips for the Soul

We get frustrated and even hate our body when we see a lot of advertising that show us "perfect" women, created and retouched with photoshop.

If you identify with this situation, it is necessary that you know your body to dress it in the best way and learn to love it because God created you that way.

Read what Genesis 1:26a says:

Then God said: Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness ...

When the Lord created us, He did it with great effort and care; do not think he was wrong to give you that body. He made you unique and unrepeatable.

Allow your Creator to help you understand what you were designed for that way.



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