Flat Sandals - How to Wear

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Flat sandals are one of the most comfortable inventions of women's fashion. Although at the beginning of the story, sandals were made of papyrus, twigs, leaves and plants of different species, now sandals are a fashionable trend.

Today there are an infinity of models that can be found in stores. This is a benefit because you can find a lot of beautiful sandals at a really good price.


But if your budget does not allow you to have a sandal of every color (as we would love to have), then you should only buy colors like gold, silver, white, black or nude; that you can accompany with any color of garment.

A detail you must keep in mind is that when wearing sandals the feet suffer a lot of dryness, dust and dirt that stick along the road. For that reason you should get pedicured more often. If you used to do it every week, on this occasion you should do it twice a week.

Remember that if you decide to wear these types of shoes, the first thing you will see are the feet. For that reason you need to take care of them constantly.


A simple pedicure tip:

- Immerse your feet in warm water with oil or moisturizing cream for 15 minutes

- With a stick of fine wood clean the dirt around the nails

- Trim the extra skin around the nails

- Cut and file your nails

- If you want to look modern, paint your nails in dark colors (black, wine, red). And if you want a classic look, paint your nails in a light or transparent color.

Easy, right?



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