Flattering Bathing Suits - According to your Body Type

Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

Once you discover your Body Type has, focus on what swimsuit suits you and why.

When identifying the shape of your body, pay close attention to the details. Memorize it or save it on your favorite device, phone, tablet, laptop, so when you go out

to buy the perfect swimsuit, do not waste time or money.

Having that said, let's begin to analyze the different Flattering Bathing Suits:


Pear Shaped Body

The pear shape has pronounced curves on the hips and thighs and the upper part is smaller.

The key to make this type of body look good; is to balance the proportions of the upper part, such as breasts, shoulders and waist; with the lower one, hips and legs.

Attract the eyes towards the top with a halter neckline or a striking print.

The Best Bathing Suit For this Body

Color is key; the prints worn on the top, will keep the attention away from the hips.

A two-tone style is ideal, think of a more vivid color or a print on the top, and a darker or smoother color in the bottom.


Rectangular Body

This figure is characterized by a youthful appearance, usually the shoulders and hips are balanced (they have the same width) but the waist is not very defined. A

undefined waist, small bust and narrow hips give a slim body, but sometimes masculine appearance.

The mission is to give the illusion of a more curvilinear shape by creating a marked waist line and adding volume to the hips and bust.

The Best Bathing Suit For this Body

The upper part is emphasized with the use of a top with ruffles. This will add volume to the breasts and make the bust look a little wider.

Choose a padded and shaped bodice because it looks good aesthetically.

The same advice is for the bottom. Flyers, ties and applications, especially on the hips, this will make your waist look a little thinner and give the illusion of a

more curvy body.

Another perfect style is the one that marks the line of the waist, with a print, drape or dark color in that area.


Inverted Triangle Body

You should always opt for colors and prints that look good with the color of your skin. Many people believe that it is enough to buy the right style. Please do not

misunderstand, the shape of the bikini is crucial, but color and proper printing are also important.

One factor you should pay attention to is also the size. Many times it will be necessary to buy the upper part of the bikini in one size and the lower part in another.

So that you finally have the perfect bikini.

The ideal is to go with a sincere friend to help you in your choice!

The Best Bathing Suit For this Body

What you have to do is buy a bikini that minimizes the shoulders and accentuates the hips. You can do this in the following way, use the stamped bottom and the smooth


Solid colors and small prints will make your big breasts look a little smaller and balance the difference between your chest and hips. Another thing that will help you

minimize your shoulders are the upper straps (choose thick straps)

Avoid bikinis that are very small at the bottom because that will make your hips look smaller.


Sand Clock Shaped Body

This body shape needs a bikini that is able to keep the chest up, because usually the hourglass bodies have a large chest.

The Best Bathing Suit For this Body

Fasteners with underwires and padding are perfect. For the lower part you can use knots or belt, but be careful not to be too thick on the sides; about 3 cm is fine.

If you have big hips you can also opt for a bikini with some small ruffles.

An important detail: high-waisted garments at the waist will make you look smaller.

There is no limit in terms of colors and patterns, but always remember that darker shades and small prints are more suitable for your figure.


Apple Shaped Body

This type of body has broad shoulders, usually large or medium breasts and thick waist.

Hide this problem is not so simple with a bikini, but there are a couple of possibilities you can take into account to improve the figure.

The Best Bathing Suit For this Body

Direct the attention to the legs, using a bra with hoops that lift your neckline, giving the optical illusion that will make you look thinner.

The use of thick straps will help you to hold your breasts well, especially if it is very large and, at the same time, it will help you re-dimension wide shoulders.

Be careful with the tiny bikinis, because they will make you look bigger than you really are.

You can divert attention from the problem area with a bra with shiny stones.

Another way to hide the belly is wearing a tankini top, which completely hides the belly, but with great style.

Avoid laces or any type of decorations on the hips.

One-piece swimsuits follow the same rules as bikinis. Buy a style with cups that hold breasts well and with ruffles in the belly.

For this body shape, choose dark colors like: blue, brown, maroon and black.



What do you think of this Flattering Bathing Suits?

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