Hourglass Body

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The characteristics of a Hourglass Body are:

- Bust and shoulders have the same width as the hips

- Defined waist

- Fat is usually stored evenly throughout the body

- Waist smaller than the hip and bust


What to wear with this body type

- Jackets fitted slightly below the waist

- Coat with belt and can be knee length or above it

- Straight dresses that are tight on the waistlie

- Low waist, straight cut pants

- Bulky skirts

- Belts of all kinds

- Soft and gummed fabrics to accentuate the curves

- Choose V-neck and U-neck blouses and shirts


What NOT to wear

- Thick cloth garments

- Colorful prints or with horizontal stripes

- Loose, long and flared cuts

- Garments with side pockets





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