How to be Classy - Women

Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

Adding class and sophistication to your appearance is key if you want to learn how to dress elegantly.

This style is timeless because in 10 more years, you will remain an elegant woman without having to make many changes in your wardrobe. But how to achieve it?

Let's begin to decipher the steps to become an elegant woman!


1 - Identify your style of dress

Project your mood, your personality and you as a whole. It has to reflect your personal interests, lifestyle, dreams and projects. You may have a formal, classic, sporty style, or a modern style. The important thing here is that you identify it and be faithful to it, of course ... adding your personal touch.


2- Have a basic wardrobe

What is this? Basic garments such as:

- White blouse and black T-shirt

- Black dress without striking details

- Classic colored tube skirt (beige, blue or black)

- A blazer

- A classic blue jeans

- Black pants

- Classic high shoes and flat classic shoes.

With all these basic pieces you can create infinite elegant and sophisticated outfits that with the perfect combination you will look beautiful! In the photos I will show you some :)


3- Do not show too much skin

When it comes to necklines or slits in skirts or dresses, showing too much becomes vulgar and of course not at all elegant. For that reason, do not show to much skin if you want to look sophisticated.




4- Less is more

You may have heard this sentence many times, but when it comes to being elegant it is essential that you do not fill up with accessories or colors that distract beyond your person.


5- Shoes

It is true, heels are the highest expression of elegance. Therefore you should always have classic shoes with studs to be able to achieve the image you are looking for. But it's always good to also flat closed shoes in your wardrobe.

High Heels



6- Makeup, nails and skin.

The makeup for the day should be subtle, natural and simple (look in the pictures below).

For the night, choose darker tones in the eyes or lips.

The nails should always be perfect. How to achieve it? Well, you should take care of them once a week, whether you do it at home or
in a nail salon. Remember that thanks to advances in science, there are long-lasting nail polishes, this way your nails can stay perfect for a couple weeks without you worrying about them!

In the case of the skin: a healthy skin calls for healthy food, water and exercise.



Finally, do not forget about your smile, your way of speaking, your posture and you will complete the elegant look you are looking for!

Source of Images: Pinterest


What do you think of the How to be Classy?

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