How to Be a Modern Plus Size Mom

Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

Busy? Sure ... children, work, husband and home. Ugghh is not easy, I understand :(

The best thing of all is to get organized for the whole week not to be in front of the mirror for hours or even worse, regret what you wear without having to change it.


To be a modern mom you have to put effort when you choose your looks, makeup and hairstyle. Really??? What if you only have time to shower and run to work?

For that same reason, the organization is your best ally. In order to help you, here I leave you 5 looks that you can imitate for your events!



Navy blue dress with sleeves, ruffles and open shoulders. Combined with a jacket and a white wallet. As accessories golden ring hoops.

This type of dress is ideal for girls with an hourglass shaped body.


Look 2

Dress with a floral patterns.


- Observe the type of prints, choose prints with just a few medium flowers otherwise it will leave you with a larger figure.

- As the dress has an important pattern it is very important not to overload the look, for that reason add only gold earrings, red clutch and nude sandals that will stylize your legs.


Look 3

For a casual look... A blouse with a small print, accompanied with wide-anckle jeans and boots.

If you have very thick legs, this type of jeans will look great on you!

For a boho touch... Add a fringed wallet and medium heel suede boots.


Look 4

Below, black pants and a white top. Above, a silk print kimono. Combined with long necklace and a rose gold watch and clutch.


Look 5

Blue classic jeans, with a black top and a silk cardigan. Combined with black high heel sandals, a pendant necklace, a pink watch and a metallic wallet.



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