How to Change your Look

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Making changes in life is not an easy task, but when people start noticing the changes it is very comforting!

Maybe your motivation is a new job, a new start or finding love; whatever is the reason, you have to understand that a change of image must be progressive so that it lasts.


Step 1 - Evaluate your look

What would you like to change and what not. Start looking for the looks you would like to wear. The ideal site to do it is pinterest. Classify all looks in a folder.

Organize in this order:

- Makeup folder

- Hair folder

- Clothes folder

- Accessories folder

- Shoes folder

Once you have them organized, start with the changes, but you must be brave to make the changes.


Step 2 - Always keep in mind your personality

Many times we lose sight of our personality and simply imitate the actress or celebrities we love. The problem with this... is that we are a bad imitation of someone and our essence is lost as a person.

If you love some fashion influencer, singer or artist you must adopt an element that you love about it and then merge it with your own taste and style. That way you'll have their style mixed with who you are.


Step 3 - Makeup and Hair

The first thing you notice in a woman is the makeup and hair, that's why it's always good to update your looks in order to look fresh and feel good.

Every time you see a makeup that you like, save it in your folder and try the styles to see which one you prefer.

In the case of hairstyles, look for those that adapt to your hair type.
Many times we make the mistake of finding a hairstyle that does not adapt to our hair type and this brings us frustration and discouragment when it doesn't look as you imagined it. But do not lose hope if this is your case... Nowadays there are a lot of treatments that will help you to tame it. An example: if you have indomitable waves, try a permanent straightening will help you style your hair as you wish!


Step 4 - Change your clothes

Start with a wardrobe cleaning. Take out all the clothes you have not worn in the last year, give, donate or exchange. Leave only the clothes that are in good condition and fit you well.

From there you can build your outfits (consulting with the images you saved in your folder), that way you will know what your next purchases will be.

It is not necessary to buy super expensive garments to add to your wardrobe, try to buy when there are sales.


Step 5 - Accessories

The hoops, necklaces, glasses or hats can change your appearance with little money. Try different colors, shapes and materials.

Buy a jewelry box or stand to store your jewelry. This way it will be easier and quicker to wear them everytime you go out.

In just 5 steps you can achieve a change of image that can project you into a future of success! Start now!!



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If you still can not find the style to improve your look,
if there is no fashion that can lift your self esteem;
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