How to Make an Outfit

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When you are wife, mother, counselor, leader, friend, etc; There may not be much time to think on how to make an outfit every day.

Many of us trust our favorite jeans and blouse, we think that way we look already well, but then we apologize for how we look or feel ashamed of wearing the same outfit every week.

How fantastic would it be that every time you wake up you have an Image Advisor at the foot of your bed to help you choose your set right? Hahahaha ... it's not a reality. :(

But, following these tips and being very faithful to them you can get the best looks for every occasion.


Follow these steps and you will get the best results to combine women's clothing:

1. Think about your week and what you have planned.
What kind of meetings do you have? An appointment? Have you organized a lunch for this weekend?

2. Check the weather.
You definitely want to feel comfortable and ready, just as you want to look good.

3. Make sure all your clothes are washed

4. Begin
Make your oufit base with: two dresses, two skirts and two pants.


Two dresses

In this way, you will be guaranteeing the variety in your outfits. When choosing your dresses, make sure they are different colors, design or fabric. Repeat this step for your skirt and pants.


Two skirts


Two pants


From there, you will already have planned almost six of your oufits. For your seventh outfit, choose the base where you feel most secure (dress, skirt or pants).


5. Select
Combine your shirts and blouses with your skirts and pants.


6. Shoes
Complete with your oufit with good shoes. In case of doubt, keep it simple. Nude, black or white are always safe bets.


Finally, always have a sweater, cardigan, denim or leather jacket for each outfit if you think you may be cold in the office or in a restaurant.



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