Jean Dress - How to Wear

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This material reigns from the 50s and every decade is transformed, renewed and redesigned to become the king of materials.

We have already seen them in jackets, pants, shorts and now jean dress are coming.

Ideal for transitional climates such as spring or autumn, because it can be cool and accompanied by a sweater it can be warm.


The designers have stood out with the new designs, colors, treatments that have added to it in this last season.

When talking about jeans dresses we can say that they have become a classic and promises to stay for a long time. Instead of disappearing from the fashion shows, they are seen more and more frequently.


Here are some tips that you should consider when introducing this garment in your wardrobe:

- Choose a soft fabric, in this way it is more comfortable and fresh

- Choose a jean dress that does not have too many details; such as holes, very strong washes, metals. They will limit you at the time of use.

- If you want to highlight your waist, look for a dress that you can add a leather belt or the same material as the dress.

- Do not be afraid to mix your dress with a jacket of the same material. What you should do is play with the tones. For example: If your dress is blue, let your jacket be navy blue or vice versa. That contrast will take you out of a possible zone of boredom!



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