Ladies Leather Jacket

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Ladies Leather Jacket are the most desired jackets of this cold season. Although they are a bit masculine with the perfect combinations you can achieve different looks without having an androgynous style but a modern, fresh and youthful look.


Leather jackets are the most desired garnments in this season, although the prices can amount to a thousand dollars or more... If they dont adjust to your budget, simile leather jackets are your solution! They also look good and you could find them in really accessible prices.

Obviously when the jacket is not leather, the benefits also change. They will look amazing, but they will not be as warm as a leather jacket or have the same smell.

The benefits of leather are:

- They are really warm

- More resistant than other materials

- Thick and flexible

On the other hand, synthetic materials do not have these benefits but, yes, they have the benefit of being cheaper.

If you are thinking about buying a natural leather jacket it is better that you choose classic colors like black, brown or beige. Because you can easily combine it.

In case you decide to buy simil leather, you will have more freedom choosing more colourful ones like blue, red, orange, pink, yellow, and you will be able to create hundreds of different looks.

Whatever is your choice, here are some looks to inspire you!




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