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Today I want to share with you three tips and ideas to be a Mom Fashion that suit your personality, body type and wallet!


When you're a mom, children are always first, and suddenly our clothes and looks go out of fashion without noticing.

We have gone from being protagonists of our lives to a second or third plane. But not anymore!

You have a husband and children who want to feel proud of you and you must make the effort to make this happen.

Here I leave you 3 tricks and tips that you should remember when buying clothes, you will always look trendy now!

Looking good takes effort, but it also has its reward!


Step 1- Look for good quality clothes in sale.

This way when your children stain you with food, you will not get depressed because they spoiled your expensive blouse.

Buying in discount stores can be a great advantage, but for this you must know how to buy and know tricks that will help you.

Important tip:

- Make the look, try and feel test.
Once you see something with potential, feel the fabric (try to avoid very thin materials or crepe, or anything too synthetic) hold the fabric (see how it hangs, if it has a good fall, it is probably the winner, you must buy it) and then try it on!


Step 2- Your clothes must be your size and for the shape of your body.

Know the characteristics of body types and discover which one is yours and also you will know which clothes fit you best for your type.

Make it your size and a suitable length so that it is easy for you to lift your children if necessary without showing more skin than you want to show.

Enhance your shirt or blouse with an important necklace. It will be the touch of glamor in your oufit.


Step 3- Make your clothes versatile.

How is that?

Clothes that allow you to be ready for any unexpected surprise from your husband, your job or any other activity.

A basic example: A beige shirt and jeans... but, adding a denim jacket, boots and a printed silk scarf.

You will be ready to go out to eat with your husband, have a meeting or rush out looking fabolous any time! ;)



What do you think of Mom Fashion?

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