Outfits for Short Girls

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If you are the type of person that you should look for your clothes in the children's section because you can not find adult clothes of your size, maybe a better solution is that you look for a tailor or dressmaker that will adjust the clothes to your size and body shape every time you have to make a purchase.


When you do your shopping do not forget that they will always need adjustments, and it is something that you should already consider in your budget. It will always be necessary to shorten a pair of pants or sleeves.

Here we will see 6 fashion tricks that will help you to make outfits for short girls and look less small :)


1- Monochromatic colors

Wear monochromatic attire, they lengthen the figure and prevent it from cutting at the waist. The use of a color from the head to the feet may favor a shorter figure.


2- Skirts and Pants

High waist skirts and pants add the illusion of height. They will also make your legs look longer than they really are. You can try a short top with a pair of high waist pants.


3- Vertical Lines

Opt for suits of vertical lines because they will lengthen your figure. But if you are very skinny choose horizontal stripes as they will add more volume.

Use vertical lines at the bottom, in pants or skirts and a solid color at the top, such as blouses, shirts or shirts.

Pants with vertical lines will deflect the look from above and down, effectively lengthening your appearance.


4- Coats

Short jackets are the best for you because they make the torso seem shorter and legs longer.

Always wear it with pants or a skirt with a high waist.

Coat with belts will look great on you, but they must be short below the buttock.


5- Shoes

Choose shoes that are the same color as your pants because they will lengthen and favor your figure.

You can also choose open-heeled high heels. These shoes will add height to your appearance along with a lot of confidence.


6- Accessories

Wear only one or two accessories to complement your outfit. Do not overwhelm your look too many accessories. Try a necklace, a spectacular bag or a pair of sunglasses.

You can also choose discrete jewelry, such as a simple necklace and a ring in coordination.



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