Pear Shaped Body

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The characteristics of a pear shaped body:

- The hips and thighs are bigger than the bust

- Well defined waist

- Elegant neck

- Proportionally thin arms and shoulders

- Gain weight in the lower part: legs and belly

- Narrow or drooping shoulders


What to wear with this body type

- Bright shirts/t-shirts/blouses to highlight the upper part of your body. This way you will enhance your waist and visually reduce your hips.

- Shirts, blouses and sweater with prints.

-Shirts, T-shirts, blouses that are long to the waist or below the hip.

- Types of necklines you should wear: open shoulders, V neck, heart, square and oval.

- Choose tops with details like stripes, polka dots, sequins, zippers, large collars, lapels and other striking adornments. This will divert the attention from your hips.

- A good push-up bra, to have all your attributes in place

- Dresses with wide belts and A line skirts

- Skirts in A line, tulip or high waisted.

- Straight or slightly flared pants


What NOT to wear with this body type

- Dark colored garments on top

- Skinny jeans

- Straight cut dresses

- Cargo type garments

- Low waist pants or skirts

- Large prints on the lower part of the body





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