What to Wear on a Date

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While some people believe expressing love should not be bound to a certain date or occasion, other people see as a great opportunity to make their loved one feel especial or perhaps meet someone new.

If you like celebrate Valentine's Day, you should pay attention to every detail of your garment, so that your partner recognizes the care you have put. It is not necessary to buy a new dress or clothes, only make shure your clothes are in perfect condition and look good on you, depending on your body type.

The small details like a pleasant perfume will make your night perfect!

Now look at this other tips that will make you look gorgeous!


1- Deep cleaning

- Your skin must look radiant, for that reason there is oil, creamy soaps, and products that allow your skin to be soft and clean.

- Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner, so that your hair is shiny and you can easily mold it to find your ideal hairstyle.

- Brush your teeth and keep your breath fresh.

- Don't forget about manicure and pedicure! Your hands and feet must be presentable. Keep in mind that your hands are your cover letter.


2- Makeup

A natural makeup are perfect if you don't like heavy makeup (or your partner). Choose a makeup that goes with your personality, you should feel comfortable and beautiful.

Be careful with eyelashes, the size shouldn't be extremely big, because apart from being uncomfortable, they do not look natural.


3- Clothing

- Choose a dress that embraces your body shape. Enter HERE to know the shape of your body and what dress will suit you perfectly.

- Choose a color that highlights your skin. For example: if you have a dark skin color, choose a light color dress. And if you have a light skin color, choose a dark color dress.

- Be careful with the necklines, since they might make you look vulgar. An elegant neckline is one that does not show everything.


4- Accessories

Less is more, a famous phrase that today is used practically in everything.

- If you like extra large rings, let them be the main accessory.

- If, on the other hand, you prefer a necklace, then your rings should be small.

- Avoid accessories that make annoying noises; we like them ... but men hate it!


5- Complements

Your bag and shoes are also an important part of your look.

- For a night out, wear small wallet called clucht. This does not necessarily have to be the same color as your shoe. It only needs to be in the range of colors of your outfit.

- In the case of shoes, make sure they are comfortable without being a sports shoe. Because you never know if you are going for a walk in the city. Nor should it be extremely high so that your partner looks like a dwarf.

Finally, enjoy the simple things you can do with your partner! While looking great ;)

Enjoy your day!



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