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Every day you wake up with a drama in your head for not knowing what clothes to take to the office? You are not the only one :( This is the reason why I made this blog on Work Clothes for Women to make your life easier and help you to develop 5 oufits that can help you in your working days!


It is true that thinking about organizing a working week is already quite complicated. You have to balance between food, children, husband, pet and grocery shopping. But the secret to look good all week long, also requires organizing the wardrobe.

At first this could be difficult but once you get use to it, it will become so simple that you will do it naturally.

Ok then, let's get down to business and organize the work week in your wardrobe!


Write in your agenda what you will need!

- 2 Dresses -

To your dresses you should only add accessories such as necklaces, hoops, bracelets and combine them with a wallet and shoes to make them look great!


- 2 Pants -


- 2 Blouses -


- 2 Blazers -


- 1 Skirt -


Once you have chosen the garments, you will have organized your wardrobe for the week. Just keep in mind that the garnments you choose can be combined together.

Here I leave you some oufits that you can put together!


Look 1

This blue dress can be combined with many more colors, such as red, orange, green, blue, wine, etc., in this case the nude is the chosen one.


Look 2

Combine this dress with more classic colors such as white, black or blue and make the combinations you want. Here I leave you an idea of how to achieve it.


Look 3

A blouse and pants, in this case I allowed myself to play with the color pink. Feminine, soft and elegant; ideal to be in the office.

The black pants are so versatile that you can take many outfits from it. Choose your favorite color and elaborate with it.


Look 4

This oufit has the classic colors of blue and gray. The blue I choose is really bright in order to get the whole boredom out of the area!


Look 5

A wine colored skirt, pink blouse and a black jacket to add some elegance, distinction and seriousness to your look.



What do you think of this Work Clothes for Women?

Please leave your comments below.



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