Dresses to Hide Belly

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Do you walk around the mall without buying a single dress? Are you afraid to buy because nothing fits you?

A nightmare! If you can relate, join the club, you are not alone! But it's time to know that it's not the end of the world. You only have to learn what are the right clothes.

These are some tips for you to begin to embrace the shape of your body and have the best shopping experience.

Keep on reading to know everything!


1. Lingerie and underwear: do it right!

You should pay more attention to the use of your intimate garments since it is important that you choose a bra that is not loose. It must be very firm while giving the correct definition.


2. Wear girdles

You should try these if you have not already done so. They are at your rescue; Basically, it controls the unflattering volume and the tires of the belly, or at least creates the illusion. :)

These soft, comfortable and tight inner garments come with many variants, taking total control of the belly area.

It makes a big difference, and I assure you that you will love it!


3. Body posture

We do not pay much attention to our posture, but it is time for us all to do it.

Not knowing your ergonomics while sitting or standing will eventually add to many other things. It has been proven that poor posture bends and loosens the muscles of the abdomen and increases the lump, more than it already is.

It's not just wearing smart clothes, but also working on your posture is a healthy practice.

Make a conscious effort and you will see the change.


4. Dress wisely

Dressing up with class and being confident is the new trend. But first, you need to do things right.

Discover your problem areas and also your strengths. Wear dresses that divert attention from your belly.

Get away from tight clothing, unless you're sure you are hiding your bulging stomach. Choose what you want to be the center of attention and dress accordingly to that center.


5. Know everything about colors, prints and fabrics

To begin with, fabrics make a lot of difference. Each color and pattern look different. If you really want to hide your belly, I suggest unsing dark colors, loose or flowing fabrics and vertical prints. This is never fail.

The horizontal prints give an aspect of amplitude, so the vertical do the opposite.


6. Layers on layers

It's another technique that magically hides everything. Taking the attention away from your belly.

Combinations like sleeveless dresses with plaid shirt, long knee-length dress with a jeans shirt, work wonderfully. When they are unbuttoned, they give the effect of being taller.


7. Tight dresses are not a good idea

It is better to have fluency and definition. If you are comfortable with your skin and what you are wearing, go ahead, there is nothing stopping you!

When you go to buy a dress, take a minute to try them on.

Use these tips to build looks that not only hide your belly, but also make you look elegant and confident.



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