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Do you have "casual Friday" dress code in your office? Not sure what it means and what you should wear?

This dress code confuses many people, so it is likely that you will see some people who show up at the office in inappropriate attires.

In many companies, casual Friday has become a norm. While it may be okay to wear jeans and sneakers, that does not mean you should be careless.

Remember: it is still the place where business is done, and to maintain your professionalism at all times, you must take care of every detail.

If you want a career with promotion opportunities, follow these simple rules.


1- Know the policy of the company

Casual Friday means something different for each company. In a more formal business environment, where people usually wear suits, the appropriate casual attire are

some khaki or casual black pants with a plaid shirt or blouse.

However, when a company tends to dress informal everyday, it may be possible to wear jeans.

Find out with your boss what clothes he/she approves, in order not to make mistakes that could endanger your work.


2- First impressions

Remember that you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. If your position implies that you must meet with the public, or you are in sales; dressing

too casual can give the client the wrong impression.

The same goes for a job interview. If you are applying for a position in a company and your interview is on Friday, it will be more appropiate to go with a good suit

and accessories that give you a neat and elegant image.

Friday informal attire is for people who are already employed by the company.


3- What to wear on a casual Friday

- Dark jeans with no details, they will give you a clean and elegant look.

- Shirts or blouses with buttons on the front

- Blazer in this shades: blue, gray, beige, brown, board, or black; they will give you an air of professionalism.

- Flat shoes with closed toes, they are elegant and comfortable.

- Wear simple accessories that perfectly mix your attire. Avoid any noisy jewels.

- Complement it with a standard shoulder bag messenger bag, without many colors.


4- Casual Friday DONT'S

- Showing skin: Do not discover your waist (croptops) or show your underwear (saggy pants).

- Jeans with holes take away your professionalism, they are not yet appropriate for the office. Save them for use in concerts or when you go out with friends on a

Saturday afternoon. Before choosing the jeans to use in the office, make sure they are in good condition and that they do not have frayed edges.

- Leggings or shorts with short tops are not appropriate for an office.

- Gym clothes or slacks are too casual for business.

- Find out if it's okay to wear sneakers. Remember that there are many other comfortable options, such as loafers, ballerinas or elegant low shoes.

- Leave your shirts with inscriptions in your closet, unless the company has a designated day for that.

- Casual tank tops are not appropriate for the office, even on informal Fridays, unless you wear them with a shirt underneath.

- Never wear transparent fabrics or plunging necklines.

- Do not wear super tight pants in the office.

- If your company has policies against visible tattoos or body piercings, informal Friday is not the time to expose them. Continue to cover them according to the rules.

I hope these tips will be helpful to your business life, if so, please leave your comment below.



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