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Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

This fashion advisory is for Gissela from Ecuador, who opted to receive a Free Image Consultancy. If you also want to receive an equal service, visit this page.


Gissela said:

* "I want to dress better because I would like to look good".

* "I want to hide my shoulders."

Her skin is medium, dark-skinned.

Her eye color is Coffee.

Her hair is black.

Her favorite color is Black.

Age: 24 years.

Her height: 1.49 meters.


Dress styles found in Gissela

Summary: The Classic style predominates, with an important presence of the Modern style, and a Sports touch.

- Classic Style 58% - Predominant

A classic style is always presentable for any event and it is totally accepted. Your choice of colors is never striking: black, gray, white, brown, beige and blue are your favorites and your clothing cut is traditional. You do not wear trendy clothes because the concept seems extravagant, but you choose a simpler look fitting perfectly into society.

- Modern 33% - Accentuation in accessories.

Being part of the Modern Style is not an easy task since it will be necessary to frequently consume fashion information, have an open mind and the disposition to adopt new trends, including vintage or even futuristic touches in some cases; and finally, it will be essential to have the resources to get the clothes and accessories to complete the wardrobe of each new season.

- Sports 9% - Minimum participation

This style is not for the gym. But uses clothes that help you to be comfortable without losing the sense of fashion. This may involve the use of athletic shoes or t-shirts.


Dress Options
Based on the combination of Gissela styles


To dress all day. Either, a shopping trip, university or an outing with friends. These looks will give you confidence and comfort.

For this you need: a pair of jeans or black pants, blue or gray sweater, a black shirt and a denim jacket. That's it!

This are the shoe options that will complete the look: white sports shoes, animal print ballerinas or black moccasins.

With all these elements you can create many outfits for many ocations.


For work

As the predominant style is the classic, all the outfits here carry more traditional colors and shapes. Modern touches enhance and take out the look from being boring. Therefore keep in mind that you should always add stronger and more vibrant colors. This does not necessarily have to be in the garments, they can be in shoes, bags or accessories.

- First outfit: jeans, a white shirt and black blazer.
This outfit is ideal for a casual Friday.

- Second outfit: a black skirt, a plaid shirt and a red blazer.
For an important lunch or maybe an office cocktail. The red color delivers a message of strength and power. Therefore it is ideal to close a deal or to get a promotion!

- Third outfit: a royal blue sweater, a white shirt and a squared gray pant.
This is an every day outfit for the office. Serene colors (such as blue and gray) are ideal for days of hard work where you do not need to add more stress with colors that distract everyone.


For the night

For the night this outfits are based on black pants that practically go with all kinds of blouses or shirts and always accompanied by a black leather jacket. It will depend on the occasion of departure: a night at the pub, party with friends, some pizzas, a romantic date, etc.



To recreate the outfits I made for you, you must have:

- Black pants

- A white shirt

- A black leather jacket

- Multicolored scarves and necklaces

- These shoes:

* Black high heel pumps

* Boots

* Low heel ballerinas and/or moccasins.

With these few pieces you will be able to achieve each one of these dream sets!

Just dare to the change!

Gissela, thank you very much for consulting me!


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