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Celebrating God’s beauty through fashion and style

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Whether you run a home or a business, it is the same: there is scientific evidence that looking your best makes you more persuasive, confident and successful!

It is proper for the human nature to judge. Based on your look people will judge you as attractive, kind, reliable or successful in all areas of your life, or not :(

However, here is a little secret:

"Looking beautiful does not require a big change or a lot of work, all you need is to give yourself some time to improve your style"

The key to this is organization and finding the style of clothing that suits you best and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

So let's see how to do it quickly ...


1- The first thing to do is to organize your wardrobe

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Start by cleaning your closet. This will save you a lot of time in the moment of choosing an outfit because you will have an orgainzed closet with clothes that fit you

well and enhance your beauty.

Get rid of anything that you no longer use or that you should no longer use.

Take each garment you are considering to keep and pass it through these 5 questions.

If they don't pass the 5 questions test, donate or discard the clothes.


A - Is this garment appropiate for the season i'm in?
Only the appropriate clothes for the season should stay, save the others until the change of season.

B - Do I need to wash or repair something on the garment?
Make a pile to take to your dressmaker, sewing workshop or dry cleaner.

C - Have I worn this garnment in the last year?
Leave emotions behind. If you haven't worn it in the last year, give it to someone that will find use in it.

D - Is this accessory or clothe in a good condition?
Dirty, broken, or worn shoes and clothes make a terrible first impression. Discard them immediately!

E - Does this work with other items? How many pieces can I mix and match?

When all of your clothes have passed these questions, group by elements. Organize all the shoes in one place, pants in another section, hang your shirts and blouses, etc.

Then, group each section by color. It will be more pleasent to your eyes and quick to grab different garnments and combine the colors.

Lastly, keep the accessories arranged in boxes or trays.


2- Choose clothes that fit you well

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Your clothes must fit perfectly, be comfortable and easy to wear.

For example: If your have a dress that is too tight or that needs constant arraging it will make you feel very uncomfortable. Instead wear a dress that notches your figure but is comfortable, because this will make you look confident and secure with your look.


3- Avoid the clothes that are fashionable

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Unless you're a celebrity or have an art gallery, modern clothes are not for everyone. It is for this reason that many times we are victims of fashion, because most of times trends do not suit our body type, or height or weight.

Go for sure with classic clothes and use fashion trends in your accessories;)


4- Have a uniform

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Develop an exclusive look that simplifies your morning routine, and saves time finding your right look.

The uniform should work for a variety of tasks: going to the supermarket, leaving the children, meeting with friends for coffee or going to work. Create a classic look and make it yours.

Here are some suggestions:

- Little black dress and its variations. Accompanied with a variety of denim jackets, blazers, cardigans, scarves and accessories.

- Skinny cut trousers with shirts accompanied by waterproof trench or denim or leather jacket. Some fashion accessories or your favorite bag or shoes.

I assure you that with these few pieces you will be beautiful and presentable at all times!


5- Put your personal touch

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Now that you are dressing simpler, you need something to highlight your unique personality. Some suggestions are:

- A great haircut
- Bold accessories
- A good manicure
- A red lipstick
- Pearls
- Handbag
- Hats
- Unique fragrance
- Sunglasses
- The perfect pair of shoes

We are all in the public eye, making judgments and assumptions of people with for who they are.

Do not neglect yourself, make small changes in your quality of life. And you will be an example for your children about the importance of personal care.

Take the super mom to the next level with the best style!



What do you think of this Fashion Tips for Busy Mom's?

Please leave your comments below.



If you still can not find the style to improve your look,
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