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In some decade, Dad's style stayed on the road. There might be a lot of reasons for postponing a change of look, like children, a stressful job or he simply did not notice the style of clothing changed.

Regardless of dad's age, he should always look his best. Maybe he does not know how to make a change of style, but you can help him make some changes!

I understand that some do not care how they look until they have an important social event and there they want to achieve everything they did not do in years, but the important thing here is to go step by step.

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1- T-shirts for Dad

You should opt for some relaxed t-shirts in neutral colors like: Blue, cream, white, black, gray and olive green. This colors adapt to any man.

Now, if he has a big belly you must take care that the shirt does not have a round neck, nor that it is not tight. In this case, polo shirts are ideal.

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2- Invest in quality

Good quality clothing is an investment, quality always goes hand in hand with the price. And since men do not need a lot of clothes, the ideal would be to focus on having good clothes and accessories.

Start by shopping for strategic pieces such as:

- A leather jacket

- A knit sweater (it will never go out of style)

- Classic jeans

- A leather shoe

- A watch

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3- Choose quality shoes

Of course, if you have a large budget, you might consider having a pair of each type of shoe, so you will always have the right shoes for each particular look and event.

But if you are on a budget, choose having 3 pairs of good quality shoes rather than 50 ugly cheap shoes.

These are the only 3 pairs of shoes that a man needs. This 3 pairs are a must in your wardrobe, because you will be able to combine them with multiple outfits and always look appropriate. Prioritize this pairs and then consider buying other styles and colors.

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4- Accessories

This are a number of accessories that you can add to your wardrobe little by little.

A watch and sunglasses, bring elegance and sobriety.

If your dad wears a lot of suits and blazers, handkerchiefs are essential.

Make shure to always try out the cap or hat you want to buy. It is really important to wear the correct shape and size to your head.

Buy belts and ties in neutral colors, such as black, brown and blue.

A good wallet is really important for a men, preferably choose leather because it will last for a lot of years without going out of fashion.

Once you have all these elements you can put together the best looks for your dad and he will have no excuse to look bad.

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