10 Tips to Make Yourself Look Skinny

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If you have a really important event this weekend and you want to look slimmer, do not believe that starving all week will make you achieve that...
The easiest way to look slimmer, is to choose the correct clothes!
The most important thing is knowing the shape of your body to keep track of the parts of you body you like most and enhance them!


1- Choose flattering clothes

Clothes that are too small or too big will make you look bigger than you really are. Your clothes should not be fitted because they emphasize the fat rolls.
Nor should it be too loose, since the volume enlarges the figure.
Instead, wear clothes that fit well, exactly in your size.
It should lightly hug your body without being tight.
Another example of clothes that add kilos are: thick sweaters.


2- Always wear V-neckline

The triangle creates a high focal point up and gives you the illusion of a longer and thinner upper body.
The widest V necklines visually balance hips and thighs. So, try to always choose V-necks in: shirts, tops, shirts, sweaters, cardigans, dresses and jackets.


3- Simple jeans

The most flattering styles are the dark ones, boot cut and straight leg, with unadorned pockets.
But if your body is a triangle shape and you enjoy thin legs, you can use the skinny jeans.
Avoid additional details that attract attention, such as embroidery or rhinestones, etc.


4- Mark your waist

An easy solution to look thinner instantly, is to draw attention to the waist. This is the part that is usually thinnest.
Choose shirts with waist adjustments and styles that include belts, empire cut, prints, textures or seams that attract the eye towards this area.


5- Find flattering accessories

Carefully choose accessories that will give you the look you want. Certain accessories will change the way a person's eye moves around your body, creating the illusion that you are taller and thinner.
Long necklaces will create an elongated and thin image.
Bold accessories, such as large and brightly colored bracelets, will draw attention to your thin wrists. Hoops and headbands also cause great distractions and divert attention from the parts you don't like. Especially if you feel that your head seems small compared to the rest of your body.


6- Wear high shoes

When you wear high heels, your posture changes naturally helping to keep your back and shoulders straight. It will also lengthen your legs, making it look proportionally thinner.
Square toe styles with a thick heel give the appearance of a shorter and thicker leg, beware of wide rubber soles because they give a heavy appearance.


7- Position your limbs

When you're sitting cross your legs, they'll tune the lines, making you look thinner.
When you are taking a picture, keep your arms out of your body. For example: put your hands on your hips, this will also attract the glances to your waist.


8- Take care of your posture

Stand erect and straight with your shoulders back. With this position you will see yourself taller and thinner.
Standing with the right posture will restrain your belly and will make you easily look 5 kilos less.
Keep your back straight and your shoulders back.


9- Wear girdles

Shapewear, also known as Spanx, is really effective. While they are tight and uncomfortable, they work surprisingly well in modeling your body and helping your clothes flow much naturally.


10- Underwear

Your underwear should not adjust too much in the hips, because they tend to mark the fat rolls.
Bras should keep the chest firmly in place without creating rolls at the sides or making the breasts spill over the edge of your bra.



What do you think of this 10 Tips to Make Yourself Look Skinny?

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